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[Titanium Appcelerator] Could not find the file *.js

Disclaimer: I tend to write everything in Spanish but this will be an exception, since I didn’t find any information while digging for a solution for this known problem while using Titanium Studio for developing mobile applications. A couple of days ago I found this question under the Titanium Appcelerator forums. While doing my first Titanium Appcelerator application I ran into the same problem for a couple of minutes (to be honest I spent about 30 minutes on this): a big red messages that said “Application Error: Could not find the file bla.js”, as shown in the following image:

Mysteriously the file existed and was ready to be used and compiled by Titanium Studio. However, the emulator continued showing the fugly message (I really hate these Application Error messages on Appcelerator). Anyways, the solution for this is pretty simple, as I described in the forum:

Go to Project -> Clean -> Select your project (or select to clean all projects) -> Click Ok. Then compile again.

This will force a fresh compile and all old files will be deleted and recompiled. This may take a while, so be patient. Hope it helps if you run into this same situation and I hope you don’t waste 30 minutes as I did.