👋 Hi! I'm @demogar, a web / mobile developer based in Panama City 🇵🇦.

I was born in Panama City, Panama (Latin America). Made my studies in Electronics Engineering. I have a Master's degree in Project Management (Major in Project Design) and a Master's degree in Management and Knowledge Technologies (UC3M). I also have postgraduate studies in Higher Education.

I'm specialized in design, architecture and development of software and technology projects, by implementing Agile frameworks and mindset, and a value-driven approach. I have learnt to mix the business and tech sides of a project, by delivering high value even in early stages of project development.

You can follow me on Twitter as @demogar, check my GitHub account or my professional LinkedIn profile.


My experience is focused on Software Development and Engineering. I'm a web and mobile developer, but I feel more attracted to front-end development.

In 2008 I co-founded Pixmat, a Software and Technology Development Agency based in Panama, where we have worked on several different projects.

From 2010-2014, I worked at Admios (Panama / San Francisco, California) as a Software Engineer, where I had the opportunity to work on projects for companies such as American Express, Yodlee, RightScale and SET (by Conversant) Media.

From 2014-2019, I worked as the CIO for IFARHU, where we did several and significant changes by incorporating new technologies into everyday (and bureaucratic) processes. We even won 2 awards at the National Innovation Awards on Governemt back in 2016, for the first time for IFARHU. Check what we did.

Since July 2019, I'm back as the Tech Lead for Pixmat, working on projects of different sizes and shapes.

Interests / Manifesto

Software development and digital innovation are my top interests: I love the idea of creating complex systems based on new technologies to deliver results and streamline processes.

I am convinced that by implementing Agile and Lean mindset we can create user-centered products that maximize value.

I believe in Open Source and Free Software, so I impulse the use of these over proprietary software.

I maintain a faithful conviction that design, communication and collaboration are essential parts for the effective development of tech projects and that bureaucratic processes and complex structures have to be avoided.

My other interests are digital e-Government (and almost anything related to Government and Technology), music, photography, finances, education and coffee (like any other Panamanian).


If you want to have a chat about a new work opportunity or project, you can always reach me by e-mail or you can follow me on Twitter.

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