Here are some of the last projects I have done (or lead).


Panama City was discovered on 1519 by Pedrarias Davila. In 2019, Panama City turns 500. We developed a mobile application with gamification ideas, so that you discover the City by visiting 500 different places, grouped into 10 different categories.

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  • Back-end: Laravel (5.7), PHP 7.2, Python (jobs), PHPUnit.
  • Mobile App: React Native, Redux, Expo.
  • Databases: MariaDB, Redis (primarly for Cache).
  • Key features:
    • Docker
    • CI / CD over GitLab
    • GraphQL (over a Node Server) for some services

Manejo Al Hombro

"Manejo al Hombro" (Driving in the Shoulder) is a very common practice in Panamanian roads. I made an app that, after you take a photograph of the driver on the shoulder, detects the plate (Machine Learning), scans the plate and post it over social media.

It also delivers several information and statistics, free to use.

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  • Back-end: Ruby (Sinatra / Padrino Framework), Test::Unit.
  • Mobile App: React Native (CRNA), Redux.
  • Database: MariaDB
  • Key Features:
    • Docker.
    • OpenALPR for OCR on car plates (I had to train the plate detector and reader - code available on GitHub).
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

IFARHU - Big Data and Knowledge Discovery

More than 800,000 people have a scholarship with IFARHU, since IFARHU is the only Government Institution that, by Law, can assign scholarships for every education level in Panama.

Analyzing this amount of data (some Terabytes of data) can be pretty hard and hardware consuming. We had to deliver a solution suitable on old very hardware but capable to deliver results.


  • SQL Server, MongoDB
  • Python for jobs
  • Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence over Tableau
  • Key Features
    • Hadoop ecosystem
    • Make own EDW (Enterprise Datawarehouse) with Hadoop
    • ETL (Extract Transform and Load) scripts, made by hand
  • Hadoop ecosystem:
    • HDFS
    • MapReduce
    • YARN
    • HBase
    • Apache Sqoop - To extract data from SQL Server
    • Apache Hive - Hadoop Data Warehouse
    • Apache Impala - For doing SQL-like queries on Hadoop
    • Apache Parquet - Columnar format for Hadoop

IFARHU - Concurso General de Becas

"Concurso General de Becas" is the biggest scholarship by IFARHU that can be accessed through a contest available every year on the first two weeks of January. More than 100,000 people visit the site in the first ten days the contest is available. We even can have more than 10,000 visiting the site at the same time, when results are posted.

We had to develop a robust yet flexible platform, available over the web.


  • Back-end: Laravel (5.7), PHP 7.2, PHPUnit.
  • Some micro-services done in Node (JavaScript).
  • Front-end: We made our own UI framework, based on Bootstrap, called Taboga.
  • Databases: MariaDB, Redis (mostly Cache), SQL Server
  • Key Features
    • Docker.
    • Microsoft Azure.
    • Nginx and HABase for node balancing.

Technologies I have worked with

I'm a full-stack developer, but I prefer working on front-end. During the past years, I have worked on several technologies on different projects.

📱 I also have experience on multi-platform mobile development with libraries like Titanium, React Native and Flutter.

I like Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence topics, as well.

Programming languages
  • ⭐️ JavaScript (5+ years)
  • ⭐️ PHP (5+ years)
  • ⭐️ Ruby (3+ years)
  • Python (<1 year)
  • C# (<1 year)
  • Java (<1 year)
  • ActionScript (2+ years)
  • Dart (<1 year)
Framworks / Libraries
  • JavaScript: Node, Express, React, React Native, Angular (1), Vue, Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, Redux, Vuex
  • PHP: Laravel, CodeIgniter, PHPUnit
  • Ruby: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, Test::Unit
  • Python: Django
  • Docker
  • CI / CD with GitLab, Bamboo, Jenkins
  • AWS, Azure, Firebase, Parse
CSS Pre-processors
  • SASS
  • Less
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Amazon RDS