I mainly focus on software development for web and mobile. For the past years, I've been actively working on Laravel, React, React Native, Vue and Ruby (mainly Sinatra).

Other thecnologies I have used include: GraphQL, JavaScript (Node, Express, Titanium / Appcelerator), Ruby (Jekyll, Middleman, Rails, Padrino, Capistrano), C# (ASP.NET MVC and Core, Xamarin), Python (Django and Flask), Action Script (Flex), Java (Play and Spring), Hadoop (MapReduce, Sqoop, Impala, Parquet, Hive), Database Engines (SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Lite, Redis) and a bunch of test frameworks and libraries (PHPUnit, JUnit, Test::Unit, Enzyme, Jest, Mocha, Faker, Capybara, ...), Cloud (Azure and AWS).


I'm not only a software developer. I have prior experience in Project Managament (on both, traditional / waterfall and Agile). I'm a certified Scrum Master and I also have a Master's Degree in Project Management.

Certifications I currently hold: Professional Scrum Master ™ (PSM I), Scrum Master Certified (SMC ®), Cobit 5, ITIL v3, IPMA-D.


I've had the opportunity to work or lead several project during the past years. Here is a showcase of some of those:

Cerco Solidario
Cerco Solidario

Cerco Solidario is a tracing app that uses Bluetooth Low Every (BLE) for contact tracing. It aims to stop the spread of COVID-19 through a community-driven application that uses very simple technology. It was presented to the Panamanian Health and Innovation Authorities on April 4, 2020. Our plan was to donate the project for being used in Panama as the local contact tracing application, the first one developed in Latin America.

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React Native Bluetooth Low Energy
Cacerolazo Panamá

In Latin America, and Panama is not an exception, is very common to hold protests using pots or pans. "Cacerolazo" is the term associated for doing the protests while making sounds with kitchen utensils and pots/pans. This app recreates the sounds associated with this, without damaging your kitchenware.

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React Native Expo
Sunset in the mountains

Panama City was discovered on 1519 by Pedrarias Davila. In 2019, Panama City turns 500. We developed a mobile application with gamification ideas, so that you discover the City by visiting 500 different places, grouped into 10 different categories.

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PHP / Laravel React Native GraphQL Redis MariaDB Docker CI / CD Redux Expo Python PHPUnit
Sunset in the mountains
Manejo Al Hombro

"Manejo al Hombro" (Driving in the Shoulder) is a very common practice in Panamanian roads. I made an app that, after you take a photograph of the driver on the shoulder, detects the plate (Machine Learning), scans the plate and post it over social media.

It also delivers several information and statistics, free to use.

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Ruby Padrino (Sinatra) Test::Unit React Native Redux Docker Open ALRP Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
IFARHU - Big Data and Knowledge Discovery

More than 800,000 people have a scholarship with IFARHU, since IFARHU is the only Government Institution that, by Law, can assign scholarships for every education level in Panama.

Analyzing this amount of data (some Terabytes of data) can be pretty hard and hardware consuming. We had to deliver a solution suitable on old very hardware but capable to deliver results.

SQL Server PHPUnit Hadoop MongoDB Apache Sqoop Apache Hive Apache Impala Apache Parqet
IFARHU - Concurso General de Becas

"Concurso General de Becas" is the biggest scholarship by IFARHU that can be accessed through a contest available every year on the first two weeks of January. More than 100,000 people visit the site in the first ten days the contest is available. We even can have more than 10,000 visiting the site at the same time, when results are posted.

Laravel / PHP PHPUnit Microsoft Azure Docker Nginx / HABase Redis MariaDB IFARHU Taboga Node